Products liability arises from defective products or defective designs as well as from failing to warn about the dangers of industrial or consumer products. Dangerous and defective products can cause serious injury or death.

Injuries from dangerous products can include:

  • Lung and skin injuries from toxic exposure and severe burns from chemical products;
  • Internal damage from consumable products such as dangerous drugs including brain injuries;
  • Brain Injuries, spinal cord injuries, loss of limbs and broken bones may also result from defective motor vehicles, machinery, or industrial equipment.

Defective Products – Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects include many dangerous or defective products that manufactured:

  • Automotive Defects: Defective automotive components include seat belts, seat backs, tires, airbags, roofs and other defective car parts
  • Dangerous Chemical Products: Toxic exposure from industrial chemicals and pesticides
  • Defective Consumer Products: Defective consumer products include kitchen appliances, power tools, lawnmowers, hot water heaters, flammable clothing, lead based paint, toys, and choking hazards
  • Defective Machinery and Industrial Equipment: Defective machinery and industrial equipment include construction equipment, farming equipment, oil field equipment, pumps, punches and presses, other devices without proper guards, and other manufacturing equipment
  • Defective Medical Implants: Defective implants include products such as the Zimmer Durom Acetabular implant and the DePuy total hip replacement system.

If you have been injured by a commercial product because of a defective design, because it was defectively manufactured, or because you were not adequately warned about a product’s inherent dangers, you should consult an experienced products liability lawyer.

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