If you have been injured in a farming accident and believe that the harvesting company is liable, we can help. At the Faulkner Law Offices, we utilize all available resources in order to gain the compensation for your personal injury that you deserve.

Since 1974, our firm has been representing clients who have been injured in a number of farm related accidents. We are not afraid to stand up for the individual farm worker against the large corporate harvesting companies. You have rights that need to be preserved, no matter what the nature of your injuries is.

Having represented workers across the state and in the San Joaquin Valley who have been injured in accidents on the farm, the following is a list of just some of the types of cases we have handled in the past. We are not limited to serving clients with only these types of needs, and are eager to learn the details of your specific case.

Many large pieces of farming equipment such as cotton pickers, tractors, and combines are difficult to shut off. A number of our past clients have been injured when their equipment would not stop when they exited the vehicle in order to clear the intake area or attached farming apparatus.

We have also represented farm workers who had been accidentally sprayed by a crop duster and had resulting injuries that were extremely severe.

Pieces of farm equipment may have exposed pieces that can cause serious harm to workers. We have handled cases in which a worker had to step over an exposed drive shaft and subsequently was caught in it.

Contact a California farm accident lawyer at our firm today. We have successfully litigated many farm accident injury cases and are able to put that experience to work in the pursuit of a resolution to your case. A free initial consultation and flexible appointment times are available for your convenience.

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