Crosswalk Safety in Bakersfield:

Crosswalk Safety

Today in the Bakersfield Californian there was an article about the needless death of Shaylyn Anela Pinoliar in Delano. Had proper precaution been taken, this tragic event could have been prevented.

Children must be provided a safe route to go to and from school. This is an example of why we need to review and inspect the safety of our school cross-walks on a regular basis.

Kathleen Ellis Faulkner brought up this issue with the City of Bakersfield School District for the dangerous school crossing on 24th Street at A Street. You can read the letter here. Research has been done to show that crosswalks like this only give parents and children a false sense of security on highly trafficked roads.

To learn more about what you can do to keep your kids safe visit this site: How to Teach Children Basic Street Safety when Walking.

This is the story of Cameron Bobbitt and why we should all slow down and pay extra attention while driving in a school zone.