Rental Car Insurance: Should I buy it?

Car Purchase-small Rental Car Insurance: Should I buy it? When it comes to rental car insurance, there are some people that automatically refuse it thinking it is a plot to increase the price of the car rental and there are others who  →

Truck Company Liability: Drivers are Employees not Independent Contractors

Truck Collision Trucking Litigation Update: Independent Contractor Truck Drivers are Employees In recent decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal the ruled that Affinity Logistics Corp. employed their independent contractor drivers where Affinity had the right to control the details of  →

Pedestrian Safety: What you need to know

Crosswalk Safety Pedestrians killed or injured in traffic accidents in Kern County and the Bakersfield area are at epidemic proportions according to latest reports by our local new media. How can we as a community prevent these tragedies?   The greatest risk  →

How to Avoid Distracted Driving

The Danger of Distracted Driving The PBS Newshour recently produced a really good story about the dangers of distracted driving.   In an effort to help educate our Bakersfield community about how to avoid distracted driving, we would like to provide the following information. Distracted  →

Bounce House Injuries on the Rise

image 3 From Medscape Medical News: The number of bouncy-house injuries has skyrocketed in the last 10 years, reaching the point where an American child is injured every 46 minutes, according to research published online November 26 in Pediatrics. Meghan C. Thompson, BA, from the  →

Kid Safety: Learn About the 10 Most Dangerous Toys

image 2 It is more important than ever to know what toys are safe for our children. A new study reveals the names of real toys were sold to millions of unsuspecting Americans: The 10 Most Dangerous Toys of All Time. Toys are  →

California Operation Life Saver

Amtrak train. amtrak, travel, transportation, track, train, railroad, rail, transit A new nonprofit public safety organization called California Operation Lifesaver has been founded to reduce the number of tragic incidents at highway rail grade crossing intersections and trespassing at railroad right of ways.  The organization educates the public on how  →

School Crossing Safety is Paramount

School Crossing Safety is Paramount Crosswalk Safety in Bakersfield: Today in the Bakersfield Californian there was an article about the needless death of Shaylyn Anela Pinoliar in Delano. Had proper precaution been taken, this tragic event could have been prevented. Children must be provided a safe  →

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