Hiring an Attorney for an Auto Accident Case or Handling it Yourself

slide4-small When someone is involved in an auto accident, they may be unsure whether they should hire an attorney to handle their case or deal with the insurance companies on their own. The answer is yes, hire an attorney, without delay  →

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury: What People Need to Know

Brain Injury Too many young football players are suffering from recurring concussions. It may not be first apparent after an accident but a concussion can cause continuing brain injury from mild to severe.  Presently there is no sure way to definitively diagnose  →

Tips to Ensure a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

tips 1.    DO NOT DRIVE DISTRACTED. That can mean a number of things from texting to talking on the phone to eating/drinking to yelling at your noisy kids in the backseat.  Don’t let what seem like harmless activities turn into a  →

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