Hiring an Attorney for an Auto Accident Case or Handling it Yourself

When someone is involved in an auto accident, they may be unsure whether they should hire an attorney to handle their case or deal with the insurance companies on their own. The answer is yes, hire an attorney, without delay if you are injured. It is very likely you will need an attorney to protect your rights to receive adequate monetary recovery

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Brain Injury

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury: What People Need to Know

Too many young football players are suffering from recurring concussions. It may not be first apparent after an accident but a concussion can cause continuing brain injury from mild to severe.  Presently there is no sure way to definitively diagnose the amount of injury immediately after the impact or its long-term effects.  It is of great conseq

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Car Purchase-small

Rental Car Insurance: Should I buy it?

Rental Car Insurance: Should I buy it? When it comes to rental car insurance, there are some people that automatically refuse it thinking it is a plot to increase the price of the car rental and there are others who purchase it simple to make sure they are fully covered without knowing whether they actually need it. The big question is, do yo

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Truck Collision

Truck Company Liability: Drivers are Employees not Independent Contractors

Trucking Litigation Update: Independent Contractor Truck Drivers are Employees In recent decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal the ruled that Affinity Logistics Corp. employed their independent contractor drivers where Affinity had the right to control the details of the dirvers' work. The case is Ruiz v. Affinity Logistics Corp., 2014 DJD

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Crosswalk Safety

Pedestrian Safety: What you need to know

Pedestrians killed or injured in traffic accidents in Kern County and the Bakersfield area are at epidemic proportions according to latest reports by our local new media. How can we as a community prevent these tragedies?   The greatest risk is to our children, older citizens and disabled citizens. We can make our community more pedestrian

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Is your Church or School Van Safe?

Bulletin: NHTSA warns of the Dangers of 15-Passenger Vans The federal government issued a consumer advisory warning all people and groups that use 15-passenger vans. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is an federal agency established by the Highway Safety Act in 1970 dedicated to motor vehicle and highway safety. NHTSA re

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The Danger of Distracted Driving

How to Avoid Distracted Driving

The PBS Newshour recently produced a really good story about the dangers of distracted driving.   In an effort to help educate our Bakersfield community about how to avoid distracted driving, we would like to provide the following information. Distracted driving causes a large portion of automobile collisions.  A study by Nationa

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Kern County Bar Association Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless

Matthew Faulkner is a member of the Board of Directors of the Kern County Bar Association. Every year the Kern County Bar Association members were present at the Bakersfield Homeless Center to help serve Thanksgiving Dinner to families in need. James, Kathleen and Matthew Faulkner are dedicated to serving our community. Our goal is to keep active i

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Tips to Ensure a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

1.    DO NOT DRIVE DISTRACTED. That can mean a number of things from texting to talking on the phone to eating/drinking to yelling at your noisy kids in the backseat.  Don't let what seem like harmless activities turn into a tragic situation. Finish what you need to do before you start your car or after you arrive safely at your destination, an

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Bounce House Injuries on the Rise

From Medscape Medical News: The number of bouncy-house injuries has skyrocketed in the last 10 years, reaching the point where an American child is injured every 46 minutes, according to research published online November 26 in Pediatrics. Meghan C. Thompson, BA, from the Center for Injury Research and Policy, Research Institute at Nationw

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